Appropriate Education by Co-Teaching

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The Dutch law, Passend Onderwijs (2014), and the Flemish M-Decree (2015) have a common goal: offering appropriate education for all children under 18 years. A policy objective is that students participate in mainstream education as much as possible. Both Passend Onderwijs and the M-Decree present a vision on providing appropriate learning environments for students, but putting these laws into practice has led to challenges that both pupils and teachers face. This dissertation attempts to discuss co-teaching as a substantive practical approach to create a powerful learning environment in a diverse educational context by gathering qualitative data.

ISBN 978-94-930-19-47-8
Titel Appropriate Education by Co-Teaching
Ondertitel Study to the collective sense-making of co-teaching teams
Auteur(s) Dian Fluijt
Aantal pagina's 186
Bindwijze Paperback
Verschijningsvorm Paperback
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