Effectiveness of nutrition education in Dutch primary schools

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Healthy eating behaviour in childhood is important for children’s growth and development and might protect against the development of obesity and chronic diseases later in life. The school environment provides an effective setting for teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating behaviour. Therefore, school-based nutrition education programmes have increasingly been used in the past few decades to teach children about nutrition and to provide them with the skills to make healthy food choices. However, evaluating these programmes is complex, and studies have shown varying effects. As the programmes differ in content and delivery, it is hard to identify what intervention components and implementation conditions are most effective. Furthermore, as nutrition education is not mandatory in the Netherlands, it is not clear what effects can be achieved with school-based nutrition education in Dutch primary schools.
ISBN 978-94-6257-653-7
Title Effectiveness of nutrition education in Dutch primary schools
Author(s) Marieke Battjes-Fries
Language English
Publication date 2015
Pages 173
Edition eBook
Imprint ProefschriftMaken
Appearance eBook
eBook url https://www.globalacademicpress.com/ebooks/marieke_battjes/