Wieneke Buikhuisen
Angiogenesis in Mesothelioma

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Boy van Droffelaar
The impact of a wilderness-based training program on leadership transformation
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Nowadays, organization leaders face challenges that demand more than just development of leadership competences. Scholars and practitioners have argued that, at a more fundamental level, a shift in leaders’ mindsets is required. Various scholars suggest that “critical life events”, that is, trigger events that shape people’s lives, are probably an important antecedent of authentic leadership. Furthermore, research suggests that experiencing nature may lead to positive psychological effects. In this PhD project I examined the impact of a wilderness-based training program on leadership transformation. This thesis is based on three empirical studies that analyze leaders’ experiences and ensuing intentions to change, measure the actual impact o..

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Rosalie Christine Oey
Studies in Advanced Chronic Liver Disease

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Harm Zwarts
Knowledge, Networks, and Niches

Dutch agricultural innovation in an international perspective, c. 1880-1970..

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