Marco Goeijenbier
Haemostasis and Virus infections

Viral infections of any kind can influence the haemostatic balance. This means that during, or shortly after infection with certain viruses the ability of blood to clot in humans can be drastically changed which can lead to both thrombotic as well as haemorrhagic complications. Direct or indirect activation of the endothelium by viruses (or other pathogens) may result in alterations in the coagulation- and the fibrinolytic systems...

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Floor Basten and Kerstin van Tiggelen
Handboek Buitenpromoveren (Promoveren - derde, gewijzigde druk)
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Het Handboek Buitenpromoveren (derde, gewijzigde druk) is hét oriëntatiepunt voor elke buitenpromovendus (PhD en DBA) in spe en onderweg, begeleidende hoogleraren en andere betrokkenen bij een promotietraject. Buitenpromovendi en promotoren van alle universiteiten vertellen hun inspirerende verhalen over het schrijven van een proefschrift en promoveren in deeltijd naast en na een carrière, geflankeerd door praktische artikelen over onder meer intellectuele eigendom en de selectie van een promotor of universiteit. De ideale aanvulling op de workshop 'Buitenpromoveren in één dag' en diverse andere workshops. 446 pagina's. Bestel ook direct het Werkboek Buitenpromoveren. Meer informatie op

Eva de Mol
Heart & Brain The influence of affective and rational determinants in new venture teams: an empirical examination

This dissertation aimed to investigate how both rational and affective determinants drive new venture team outcomes. An overview of the relevant literature, as presented in the introduction chapter of this dissertation, revealed a number of important theoretical and methodological limitations that required further scholarly attention. I categorized these limitations into three distinct, but interrelated research themes and formulated three research questions as they relate to the three key relationships (see Figure 1.1). The objective of this concluding chapter is to demonstrate how the results of the four studies contribute to a better understanding of how new venture teams influence the performance of their ventures. To achieve this objec..

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Philippus Cornelis Schouten
Identification and tretment of patients with BRCA1 or BRCA2-defective breast and ovarian cancer

Inactivating mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes predispose to breast and ovarian cancer. A defect in error-free DNA double strand break repair through homologous recombination is thought to contribute largely to this predisposition as genomic instability ensues that facilitates cancer cell transformation. However, this deficiency may open therapeutic options as it has been identified that treatment with double strand break inducing agents kills such BRCA deficient cells. Furthermore, synthetic lethality between BRCA deficiency and Poly(ADP)Ribose polymerase inhibitors offers another treatment option that has been introduced clinically over the last years. To treat these BRCA deficient patients it is necessary to identify and validate bi..

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Anirudh Prahallad
Identifying rational combination therapies for colorectal cancer using functional genetics

Cancer treatment over the past decade has increasingly been directed towards targeting specific molecular pathways involved in tumour cell proliferation and survival. Compared with the relatively non-selective cytotoxic chemotherapies, targeting specific molecular pathways provides an opportunity to achieve a high degree of cancer selectivity through biochemical specificity...

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Sjoerd Jens
Imaging of Critical Limb Ischemia

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a comprehensive term for arterial diseases of the extremities. For the legs, PAD can clinically result in intermittent claudication (IC) and critical limb ischemia (CLI). In IC, the patient experiences lower extremity muscle pain induced by activity, e.g. by walking. When the patient discontinues the activity, the muscle pain is relieved. In CLI, the patient has a more severe form of PAD, which presents as lower limb pain at rest, or as the inability of ulcers or gangrene to heal spontaneously...

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Remmelt SchürI
In the aftermath of trauma

Stress can be defined as the experience of an anticipated or actual threat to an organism’s homeostasis (Joëls et al., 2012). Stress represents a key risk factor for the development of a wide range of psychiatric disorders, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD) (Kendler et al., 1999), schizophrenia (Holtzman et al., 2013), bipolar disorder (Agnew-Blais and Danese, 2016) and anxiety disorders (Moreno-Peral et al., 2014)...

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Dessy Rachmawati
Innate immune reactivity to dental alloys

Oral exposure to metals and metal alloys is frequently associated with local and systemic adverse reactions. The studies presented in this thesis shed a new light on the mechanisms by which dentally applied metals can cause irritation, inflammation or allergy. In addition the question is addressed why some metals, such as nickel, are known as strong sensitizers, while others seldom cause allergy. Overall, this thesis contributes to the understanding why metal-sensitivity occurs so frequently and it helps the researcher, dentist and patient to become more aware of the (potential) health effects of dental alloys. This data might also be useful for dentists to select alloys which have minimal immune stimulatory capacity. In addition, the resul..

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Jan Hoeben
Innovleren Integreren van sociaal innoveren en leren

De positieve resultaten van drie onderzoeksprojecten die ik uitvoerde in de periode 1998-2010, waren voor mij aanleiding voor de vraag waarom de projecten succesvol waren. Wat was het verband met de aanpak waarbij het lerend vermogen van mensen in relatie tot organisatieverandering en sociale netwerken centraal stond. De projecten hadden als inzet vernieuwing van beleid en betroffen veranderingen op zowel strategische als operationeel niveau. Ook ging het om vraagstukken die verband hielden met de samenleving. De rode draad in de drie projecten was de wisselwerking tussen individuele ontwikkeling en sociale systeemverandering. Dit vooronderstelt dat individuen en structuur elkaar beïnvloeden en op elkaar betrokken zijn. Dat resulteerde in s..

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Philip Lössl
Integrative Mass Spectrometry Approaches to Monitor Protein Structures, Modifications, and Interactions

My research is concisely summarized in the title of this thesis. The aim is to combine “mass spectrometry approaches” to enable the characterization of “proteins” from different biological systems with regard to their “structures, modifications and interactions”. But what are proteins actually? How does knowledge about structures, modifications and interactions contribute to our understanding of proteins? And why is mass spectrometry a good method to investigate proteins?..

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