Claudia Marck
Assessing barriers to the involvement of emergency departments in organ donation

Organ transplantation has become increasingly successful in terms of patient survival and is currently the best treatment option for patients with organ failure. With living donor opportunities only being available for certain organs, most efforts are aimed to increase donation rates from deceased donors...

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Kim Zomer
Asthma in children: origins and outcomes

Childhood asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by episodes of airflow obstruction, often in response to triggers like infections, allergens, exercise and emotions. The prevalence of childhood asthma and asthma-like symptoms has dramatically increased during the end of the last century...

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Ameeta Yaksh
Atrial Fibrillation: To Map Or Not To Map

The outline of this thesis is provided in chapter 1. In summary, the aims of this thesis were to examine 1) the clinical applicability of a novel, intra-operative high resolution, multi-site epicardial mapping approach of the entire atria as a routine procedure during cardiac surgery, 2) whether there are preferential sites of electropathology during sinus rhythm in patients with various underlying heart diseases, 3) the relevance of conduction abnormalities during sinus rhythm at Bachmann’s Bundle, 4) the role of endo-epicardial asynchrony in persistence of AF, 5) characteristics of post-operative atrial ectopy and AF, 6) the relation between electrical parameters assessed with high resolution mapping, atrial ectopy and post-operative AF...

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Fernanda L. Paganelli
Biogenesis of enterocococcus faecium biofilms

It is increasingly recognized that communication as well as cooperative and coordinated behaviour of bacteria is important in the pathogenesis of infections. Cell communication between bacteria occurs in a population-density dependent manner and is based on the production of extracellular signal molecules by microbial cells that are detected by other cells and regulate gene expression...

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René van Dinten
Blokkades in het strategische alignmentproces

Organisaties formuleren een strategie om hun kans op succes te vergroten (zie §1.3 Begrippenlijst). Bruggeman, Ameels en Scheipers schrijven in ‘Strategisch besturen met de balanced scorecard' dat de strategie een hypothese is die de beste vermoedens omtrent de meest aangewezen weg voor de organisatie vertegenwoordigt (vrij naar: p. 94)...

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Bundel Handboek Buitenpromoveren en Werkboek Buitenpromoveren Promoveren
$120,84 Excl. BTW: $114,00

Alles wat u nodig hebt als promovendus in spe of onderweg. In het Handboek Buitenpromoveren vertellen buitenpromovendi en promotoren van alle universiteiten hun inspirerende verhalen over het schrijven van een proefschrift en promoveren in deeltijd naast en na een carrière, geflankeerd door praktische artikelen over onder meer intellectuele eigendom en de selectie van een promotor of universiteit. Het Werkboek daagt de promovendus uit om die inhoud naar het eigen onderzoek te vertalen en zich zo te oefenen in onderzoek op academisch niveau. De ideale aanvulling op de workshop 'Buitenpromoveren in één dag' en de andere workshops. Zie ook

Farideh Heidari
Business process quality computation

Businesses are getting increasingly complex due to many facets: new technologies are changing the way people interact with each other and with businesses; the business environment and customer requirements are changing and consequently the goals and the objectives organisations strive to achieve. There is a need for understanding the businesses in order to manage them, to cope with these changes, and to be able to improve them to be more efficient and effective...

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Na Yu
Cell-based Tissue Engineering Strategies to Regenerate the Periodontium

The periodontium are the specialized tissues that surround and support the teeth as well as maintain them in the maxillary and mandibular bones. The word 'periodont' comes from the Greek terms peri-, meaning 'around' and -odons, meaning 'tooth', so literally taken, meaning 'around the tooth'...

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Ewoud Compeer
Cell-biological mechanisms regulating antigen presentation

As humans, we are exposed daily to millions of potential pathogens, through contact, inhalation, or ingestion. Our ability to avoid infection depends on our immune system, which consits of two distinct, yet interrelated and interacting subsystems: the innate and adaptive immune system...

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Pleuni van den Borne
Changing Blood Flow in Peripheral Artery Disease

As reported by the World Heath Organization, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death globally and it is predicted this will remain to increase throughout 2030 to an estimated 23,3 million patients per year. This trend is accompanied by a steep increase in healthcare costs, making it a great health and socio-economic burden...

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