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                      1.  Genotype by environment interaction studies in Nile tilapia are not worth
                         the effort. (this thesis)

                      2.  Log-transformed variance of deviations is the best resilience indicator to
                         genetically improve resilience in Nile tilapia. (this thesis)

                      3.  Patent waivers on vaccines are required to combat a pandemic.

                      4.  Using catch data for fish stock health assessment is misleading.

                      5.  Ethnic politics is a problem for democracy.

                      6.  Aquaculture and chicken  production are the gateway to women
                         empowerment in developing countries.

                         Propositions belonging to the thesis, entitled
                         Closing  the yield gap:  improving  production efficiency in smallholder
                         farms of Nile tilapia through selective breeding.

                         Samuel Bekele Mengistu
                         Wageningen, 29 August 2022
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