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            Prof. dr. J.E. Wildberger
            Prof. dr. M.E. Kooi

            Prof. dr. A. Chiribiri               (King’s College London)
            Prof. dr. C.M. Van De Heyning   (University Hospital Antwerp)

            Assessment committee
            Prof. dr. P.G.A. Volders           (chairman)
            Prof. dr. T. Leiner                 (UMC Utrecht)
            Prof. dr. R. Nijveldt               (Radboudumc)
            Prof. dr. T.M. Hackeng
            Prof. dr. ir. W.H. Backes

            The research presented in this thesis was performed within the framework of the Cardiovascular
            Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) and was supported by grants of Stichting de Weijerhorst,
            CARIM, and the European Commission.

            Financial support by the Dutch Heart Foundation for the publication of this thesis is gratefully
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