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                 Dear reader,

                 Your public defense is coming up soon. You have years of research behind you. Now
                 you just need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and now is when you want to work with
                 experts who deliver a perfect dissertation! ProefschriftMaken is the ideal partner to
                 help you turn your dissertation into a beautiful book.

                 With over 1,200 productions a year, we are the market leader in the Netherlands.
                 We focus on dissertations only, this specialization is unique and because of that we
                 can focus entirely on the specific needs for PhD students.

                 Our team offers a tailor-made service on all disciplines. A support contact will be
                 assigned to you who will guide you through the full process together with  several
                 other specialists. The printing quality of the files will be checked and we will consult
                 with you to ensure that all files are optimal before anything goes into production. In
                 addition, we have in-house designers. So if you want a unique cover or have special
                 requests for the interior of your book, we can arrange that.

                 We always print a sample book, identical to a real production copy, which allows you
                 to inspect a physical copy before we start the actual order. We also look at which
                 production method (toner or inkjet) best suits your dissertation and adapt our offer
                 accordingly. Working with us means you will get the best  possible  print  quality
                 within your budget.

                 We have created this manual to provide you with useful and essential information for
                 the whole process. It is meant to give you an idea about all the options and how we can
                 help with all of them. In the final chapter we have included our design grids and the
                 different paper types.

                 My team and I are here for you, to help and guide you through everything that you
                 may encounter in the process of the lay-out and printing of your thesis. So feel free
                 to reach out if there is anything we can help you with! Enjoy reading this manual and
                 I look forward to meeting you in person.

                 Best regards,
                 Ben Riezouw
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