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Planning & process |   17

                 Acrobat Reader, which only allows you to read files. You can also choose to use
                 CutePDF (, which is free software. After installing this software you
                 can print the PDF file directly from the Word processor via Adobe Distiller.

                 Luckily, you probably don’t have to worry about this. We have created an app that will
                 do this for you. You can download this at
                 and you only have to print your Word document on this ‘printer’ and it will take care
                 of everything else.

                 If you are not able to use this application we will of course help you make sure you
                 will get the highest quality PDF possible. Our colleagues in pre-press have different
                 solutions and will help you with this.
                 After you converted your files to PDF files, check the following items in your PDF file:
                 •    Did anything shift during the conversion to PDF?
                 •    Are the images, graphs and figures in the PDF file still of the same high quality     2
                     as in your previous file? If you have doubts, you can check this by zooming in to
                     400% and check if the image shows pixels or a haze.

                 Before the process starts you will get an e-mail from us that explains in exactly when
                 you have to upload which file. Sometimes you don’t have to upload the file but the
                 designer will do this for you. When in doubt, check that e-mail with the details so
                 you’ll know exactly when to upload which file.
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