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16   |  Chapter 2

                 directly with her of him. All lay-out packages include 1 hour of textual corrections.

                 Step 4
                 Proof book
                 When you are ready for it we will first make 1 proof book. This is a complete and
                 bound book that represents the end result. To start this you can upload your files in
                 our app and select proof book (unless we already have them because the lay-out is
                 also done by us). In that case you only fill in the portal for the proof. We can either
                 send you 1 proof book to check first before we start the production (this will take 3 –
                 4 working days) or we can include the books for the committee in the shipment with
                 the proof (max 20 books). This will take 4 – 5 working days and will add some extra
                 costs but may save time in a critical time schedule.


                 Did you know our proof book is completely printed and bound book including the cover so it actually
                 represents the end result? This way you can judge the final result best.

                 Step 5
                 Send order form and final files
                 When you receive the proof of course you want to check this thoroughly and make
                 some changes. You can have this done by the designer (if we do the layout for you),
                 or you do it yourself. As soon as your files are print ready we can start the production!
                 To do this you can upload your final files in our app and select definitive order there
                 (unless we already have them because the lay-out is done by us. In that case you
                 only fill in the portal for the order). The standard production time, including delivery,
                 is 8 working days. Starting in the morning of the first day means we deliver you the
                 full order on the 8th working day. After that you can spread them around. Additional
                 options such as spot UV will add 2 – 4 working days to the process.

                 2.2 Submitting your files
                 If you chose to have the lay-out done by us you don’t have to worry about this.
                 Before your thesis can be printed, your files need to be converted to a  PDF file. A
                 PDF file offers several advantages:
                 •    The file cannot be changed anymore: the text, format and layout are fixed.
                 •    The fonts are saved.

                 Creating a PDF file
                 We recommend using Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files, not to be confused with
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