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Planning & process |   15

                 2. | Planning & process

                 We understand that you may have never produced a book (yet). And that is no problem,
                 because we have and we are here to help you. But before those perfect theses come
                 out of the printer there is a process to go through that will ensure an optimal result.
                 We will help you all the way.

                 2.1 How we work

                 Step 1
                 Professional advice, based on your thesis
                 This manual is designed to help you with the first steps and to provide  basic
                 information. Of course we don’t expect you to know how to turn your manuscript
                 into a well-designed and printed thesis, that is what we are here for! Therefor the
                 first thing we do is get in touch to discuss your wishes and ideas. You can request   2
                 a quotation on our website (no strings attached of course, nobody likes that) after
                 which we will reach out and discuss all the options. This ensures you will receive a
                 personal quotation that fits your needs. We call this the assessment stage. Do you
                 want to do the lay-out yourself or do you need help? Do you have a budget? What is
                 your timeline / deadline? Would you like the highest quality possible or are you more
                 interested in a competitive price? We will discuss all of this during this first call.

                 Step 2
                 Request a quotation for the printing of your thesis
                 Once you filled in all the specifications of your thesis and your printing preferences at
                 our website and we discussed this, you will receive a custom made quotation within
                 1 working day. In this quotation you will also find a personal time schedule based on
                 your promotion date.

                 Step 3
                 Send the draft files, lay-out or file check
                 After you accept the quotation we will send you an e-mail with all the necessary
                 information and documents so you know exactly what you need to send us and how
                 to deliver these files. After we have received this we will either start with the lay-
                 out and/or send you our feedback based on our technical check, depending on the
                 options you have chosen. During this process you are able to send us new files,
                 please contact your accountmanager for possible restrictions.

                 If you have chosen for the options where we help you with the lay-out you will receive
                 a first draft as soon from our designer as soon as possible, you can discuss the layout
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