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About Proefschriftmaken / introduction |   9

                 1. | Introduction

                 1.1 Who are we?
                 You are at the final stage of your research and the time has come to print your
                 thesis and present it to the world. You have come to the right place! Besides printing
                 theses, ProefschriftMaken can also assist you in the lay-out of your document as well
                 as the production of other digital products. For example eBooks and ePubs and the
                 publishing of your thesis; making it available in bookstores and online.

                 ProefschriftMaken offers an extensive range of services for the design and printing
                 of your thesis. We are a full service company, which means we will guide you  through
                 the entire process and advice you about  the printing techniques and options. You are
                 free to choose your preferred layout, the type of paper and the printing technique. In   1
                 this manual you can find several tips, tricks and the most popular paper types. These
                 examples help you get an idea of what designs could work best for your thesis.
                 Each year we assist around 1200 PhD students. We design, print and publish theses
                 for all universities in the Netherlands, universities abroad, institutes, governments
 Utrecht         and many individuals as well.
                 1.2 Why ProefschriftMaken?
 Tilburg  Nijmegen  •   A review score of 9,4 at Kiyoh
                     98% of the people recommend us
                 •    Competitive prices
                 •   Full support during the lay-out and printing process
                 •   Quality guarantee
                 •   Personal advice
                 •   Office locations throughout the Netherlands
                 •   Group discount
                 •   Complimentary proof book, propositions and invitations
                 •   Many years of experience
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