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                 1.2  |    Our working method

                 Step 1
                 Professional advice, based on your thesis
                 A good preparation for the printing of your thesis is key. This information book is an aid to
                 help you with the design of the inside pages and / or the cover of your thesis. Of course we
                 can do the design for you. To  garentee the best result we offer several printing – and binding
                 options; we can print your thesis digital or in offset, print your cover with a matt or a glossy
                 laminate and even with UV-spot, use a sewn or a glued binding, print your books with a
                 softcover or a hardcover etc. We will discuss this further on in this book.

                 Do you want to know what the best option is for you? Take a look at our products and services
                 or contact one of our employees at ProefschriftMaken.

                 Step 2
                 Request a quotation for the printing of your thesis
                 If you fill in all the specifications of your thesis and your printing preferences at our website,
                 you will receive a custom made quotation within 1 working day. In this quotation you will
                 find a personal time schedule based on your promotion date, to ensure your books will be
                 delivered in time for your promotion. We  can offer high quality for a sharp and competitive
                 price. You can choose to let us do the design of the cover or the inside pages for you or you
                 can combine both. Of course you are also free to do the design yourself.

                 Step 3
                 Send the draft files
                 As soon as you accept the quotation, we will send you all the necessary documents, so you
                 know exactly what you need to send us and how to deliver these files.

                 Step 4
                 Layout or file check
                 Either you have chosen to let ProefschriftMaken do the design of your cover and / or thesis
                 for you or you did the design yourself.

                 If you need help with the lay-out the designer will start working on the layout of your inside
                 pages and/or cover as soon as we received all the necessary documents from you. Within
                 a couple of working days we will send you a first draft of the layout. In response to this draft
                 you can send us your comments. The designer will process these remarks and finish the
                 final layout which we will then send to you. In case you take care of the layout yourself, we
                 would like to receive the print ready files. Before we place the order for the test book, we
                 would like to check these files first, to make sure the files meet the (technical) requirements

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