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Table of contents

                 Chapter 1:    General introduction and outline of the thesis           07

                 PART I:        Nutritional and functional assessment in bariatric and   19
                               metabolic surgery
                 Chapter 2:      Do  specialized  bariatric  multivitamins  lower  deficiencies  after   21
                               sleeve gastrectomy?
                 Chapter 3:     Different supplementation regimens to treat perioperative vitamin   43
                               B12 deficiencies in bariatric surgery: a systematic review
                 Chapter 4:      Comparison  between  different  intramuscular  vitamin  B12   59
                               supplementation regimens: a retrospective matched cohort study
                 Chapter 5:      Improving  bariatric  patient  aftercare  outcome  by  improved   71
                               detection of a functional vitamin B12 deficiency
                 Chapter 6:      Assessment  of  physical  fitness  after  bariatric  surgery  and  its   83
                               association  with  protein  intake  and  type  of  cholecalciferol
                 Chapter 7:      The  influence  of  different  cholecalciferol  supplementation   107
                               regimens  on  25(OH)  cholecalciferol,  calcium  and  parathyroid
                               hormone after bariatric surgery

                 PART II:        Integrated assessment in patient’s compliance after   107
                               bariatric surgery
                 Chapter 8:      Patient’s  adherence  of  multivitamin  supplementation  after   109
                               bariatric surgery: a narrative review
                 Chapter 9:      Factors  affecting patient  adherence  to  multivitamin intake  after   129
                               bariatric  surgery:  a  multicenter  survey  study  from  patient’s
                 Chapter 10:    General discussion, conclusion and future perspectives
                 Chapter 11:    Summary in English                                     147

                 PART III:     Appendices                                              171
                               Acknowledgements / Dankwoord                            173
                               Curriculum Vitae                                        177
                               List of publications                                    179
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