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             1.  Vitamin deficiencies after Sleeve Gastrectomy have been underestimated for years.
                 (this thesis)

             2.  Improving patient adherence to multivitamin supplement intake is the
                 cornerstone in reducing vitamin deficiencies after bariatric surgery.
                 (this thesis)

             3.  The awareness of refeeding syndrome in malnourished patients as a postsurgical
                 complication should be raised.
                 (S. Chiappetta)

             4.  The abdominal wall is frequently overlooked as a potential source of chronic
                 abdominal pain.
                 (M.R. Scheltinga)

             5.  Task reallocation in healthcare or shifting tasks from doctors to physician
                 assistants or nurse practitioners have shown promising results with regard to
                 quality and continuity of healthcare.
                 (H.G. Kreeftenberg)

             6.  Social media use is related to various aspects of wellbeing in adolescents such as
                 poorer sleep quality, lower self-esteem and higher levels of anxiety and depression.
                 (H.C. Woods)

             Propositions belonging to the thesis, entitled

              Integrated nutritional and functional assessment in bariatric and metabolic surgery

           H.J.M. Smelt
           Wageningen, 2022
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