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of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
            connected  me  to  the  world  of  policies  and  politics.  Throughout  the  entire  period  my
            colleagues from WCDI were a source of daily inspiration and collegial support. I consider
            all these colleagues and friends as co-travellers on my journey, and co-owners of the result.

            I am particularly grateful to Ilse Hennemann, James Mulkerrins, Fenneke Brascamp, Bas
            van der Dries, Michael Leone, CoCo Teheux, Kristina Simonaityte and Helene Willem, all
            previous students, currently colleagues, who helped in the collection and analysis of data
            which were used for some of the articles. I am indebted to the many research participants,
            survey  respondents,  and  resource  persons  who  directly  or  indirectly  participated  in  the
            work. My friends from the Trinational MAP Initiative in Southwest Amazonia, colleagues
            from  Tropenbos  Indonesia,  AidEnvironment  Indonesia,  Bumitama  Agri  Ltd.,  FAO
            Rwanda,  authorities  and  inhabitants  of  Rwanda’s  Rulindo  District,  inhabitants  of  the
            studied landscapes, and the participants of the many courses and workshops that I ran, I
            owe you a lot as you provided the ingredients for the development of this work.

            I am grateful to my co-authors Petrus Gunarso, Irene Koesoetjahjo, Moira Moeliono and
            Assumpta Uzamukunda, who taught me so much about the spatial and institutional context
            in which they operate. I owe much to Wouter Leen Hijweege who stimulated me to build
            WCDI’s landscape project portfolio, and the WCDI management team which allowed me to
            use this project portfolio as the basis for analysis. I am greatly indebted to Freerk Wiersum,
            who mentored and supported me during the first steps of the journey and put my mind-set
            into the right scholarly mode. I owe even more to my supervisors Hens Runhaar and Bas
            Arts who took over and provided me with the critical feedback that I needed to bring this
            research to a good end. Particularly Hens Runhaar spent a lot of time in guiding me through
            the scientific process which was new to me, and prevented me from drifting away from my
            topic and aim. Geert Gratama designed the illustrations, Joy Burrough language-edited the
            near-final  draft  of  the  manuscript,  and  Keen-Mun  Poon  helped  me  through  the
            administrative side of the production process.

            Finally, I want to mention my partner and fellow traveller Rob Wildschut. He supported me
            throughout the work, especially in the final phase, as he knows that finalising things is not
            my strongest point. I also wish to mention my late parents Miep and Karel van Oosten-
            Hollaar, who brought me up in the greatest respect, appreciation and sense of responsibility
            for  the  landscape  where  we  used  to  live.  It  is  this  respect,  appreciation  and  sense  of
            responsibility that became the solid basis for my professional and personal life.
            Cora van Oosten
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