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About Global Academic Press

Global Academic Press specializes in publishing academic publications on a global scale. Whether you want to publish your dissertation, teaching materials, a research report, a collection of articles, or another collection of authored work, Global Academic Press ensures that your publication will be available for sale online, as well as in the bookstore. Because of our large network and close collaboration with designers, presses, bookbinders, sales channels, distributors, and international agencies, Global Academic Press stays on top and in control of the entire publication process, from manuscript to fully developed, professional book. We offer you the services and platform to make your publication available to the world, so you can focus on writing and developing academic content.

For whom?

Professors / academics

You are a professor and/or an academic at a university or college, and you have developed or compiled your own teaching materials. This could be a reference work of classes taught, or a collection of presentation slides that were discussed. How to continue? Global Academic Press will gladly help you design, print, and publish your work. Your students can simply order your publication through or your own webshop. Fill in the request form and we will assist you with a customized plan of action.

PhD holders

Whether you defended your dissertation recently or a long time ago, there is a good chance that your thesis is languishing on your bookshelf, not receiving the attention it deserves. Global Academic Press offers you the possibility to revive your research, and letting it make its mark online. Because of our network of international agencies, your dissertation may soon be found in the library of Cambridge or Harvard. Moreover, your thesis continues to be available for order online. Fill in the request form and we will assist you with a customized plan of action.


You are looking for a partner who can help you prepare, process, design, print, and publish research reports, syllabi, reference books, or other works. You will find the ideal partner in Global Academic Press. We transform your publications, speedily and accurately, into a professional physical and online product. Global Academic Press will happily assist you with the design, printing, and publication of these works. Fill in the request form and we will provide you with a customized plan of action.

Our process


We have several services available for publishing your work. For example: a digital publication in the form of an e-book, or a physical publication in the form of a paperback or hardcover, or maybe all three. We understand that you do not have the time or technical expertise to adapt your files to the required/desired dimensions. Depending on the countries where you would like to make your publication available, our designers can help you format your publication according to the right dimensions.

ISBN number

ISBN is de abbreviation for International Standard Book Number. Every publication gets a unique ISBN, which will be registered by Global Academic Press. Have you previously acquired an ISBN through your university? In that case, we will register a new ISBN.


A fair fee for a fair product. Global Academic Press ensures that all parties receive a fair price for their collaboration. Our pricing takes into account the author’s royalties, the printer’s and bookbinder’s fees, and bookstore related cost costs related to the bookstore and sales.

Sales channels Netherlands and Belgium

Global Academic Press has signed up with the “Centraal Boekhuis.” This means that we can offer you a wide range of sales channels in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can opt to sell your book at,, Bookspot, Amazon, Bruna, and/or the physical bookstore.

International sales channels

We can register your publication at the two main international sales channels, namely INGRAM and Amazon. Please take into account a longer processing time if you choose this option.

CSR production

No high investment costs, stocking costs, or environmental pollution: Global Academic Press takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. This is why we make use of Printing on Demand. This means that we will only print and bind your publication once we have received an order. The paper and packaging material carry the FSC quality mark. Naturally, everything is done in an automated and safe manner, and the client will receive your publication within three business days.


Our worldwide network of agencies means that we can promote your publication to many university libraries. Your work might be available in Cambridge or Harvard soon!



Want to ensure that your publication is free from typos and grammatical mistakes? Or would you like to receive feedback on your language use, the flow of your writing, or even the content of your work? Global Academic Press offers you the option of having your work edited by a team of experienced editors, for Dutch as well as English-language publications. A thorough editing process can make the difference between a good and an excellent publication. If you are interested, please indicate this in your request form or contact us.

Design / formatting

Your content has been finalized, is free from errors, and has been compiled into one Word document. How to continue? Global Academic Press offers a professional layout and personalized cover design service for a fair price. Do you prefer a customized edition? No problem. Our designers will consult with you in order to reach the desired result. Curious about the options? Get a quote or check out our services.

Type of publication

Understand your target audience in order to decide which type of publication is most suitable. A hardcover is more luxurious than a paperback, but can your students afford it? An e-book can be downloaded fast and is relatively cheap, but do all your students own an e-reader? Global Academic Press will help you make the right choice.

We offer the following publication services:

Physical edition:
A physical edition in the form of a paperback and/or hardcover.

A digital publication produced for e-readers, tablets, or smartphones in e-book or e-pub format.